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Indulge in the epitome of luxury advertising with our exquisite Print & Digital Magazine. Crafted to captivate and inspire, our publication seamlessly blends timeless elegance with the modern convenience of digital platforms. Elevate your brand and leave an unforgettable impression with our full page, double truck, and half page ads that showcase your properties, services, and offerings in the most captivating way possible.

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Front & Back Cover

Own the spotlight in our real estate magazine by purchasing the exclusive front cover! Elevate your brand and capture the attention of potential clients as they delve into the latest issue. With prime visibility and a striking design, your property listings will stand out, making this a savvy investment for maximum exposure in the competitive real estate market.

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Full Page

Unlock boundless potential with a full-page ad in our esteemed real estate magazine. This strategic investment guarantees your property listings receive maximum exposure, reaching a diverse and engaged audience of potential buyers and investors.



Half Page

Elevate your marketing impact without breaking the bank by investing in our half-page ad option. With this cost-effective opportunity, your property listings will still gain significant exposure, reaching a wide audience of potential buyers and investors.



Directory Pages

Expand your online presence and amplify your real estate business with a prominent space in our esteemed Premier Agent Directory. By joining this exclusive platform, your website will receive unparalleled exposure to a vast audience of motivated clients actively seeking top-notch agents.


Distributing throughout

The Bay Area + Beyond

For over 25 years the Wine Country Weekly Real Estate Reader has provided affordable and professional real estate marketing services to sellers in California by targeting real estate shoppers in the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties.
Want to get top dollar for your listings? Use the Reader to reach the maximum number of potential buyers without spending a fortune. The Real Estate Reader targets ONLY real estate buyers and sellers by focusing your advertising dollars on the market segments you want to reach.

The Reader website,, is one of the oldest real estate websites in the country started in 1995. It is also one of the busiest in its category. If you want to move your property quickly AND get the best price, call us today to find out how we can help you market your property to the entire San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.


Included with your Print Advertising

Features & Benefits

Unparalleled Visual Appeal

Our Print & Digital Magazine is a visual masterpiece, designed to immerse your audience in the allure of luxury living. With full page, double truck, and half page ads, you have the space to showcase your listings, designs, and services with stunning visuals that leave a lasting impact.

Elevate Your Brand

Position your brand at the forefront of the luxury market with our Print & Digital Magazine. By leveraging our prestigious platform, you gain access to an affluent audience of discerning readers who appreciate the finest things in life. Enhance your brand's reputation and increase its desirability among high-end clientele.

Seamless Print and Digital Integration

Seamlessly transition between print and digital platforms with our innovative Print & Digital Magazine. Enjoy the best of both worlds as you reach a wider audience through our print publication and extend your reach even further with the digital version. Maximize your exposure and engage readers on their preferred medium.

Targeted Distribution

Our Print & Digital Magazine is strategically distributed to reach your ideal audience. From high-end hotels and resorts to luxury boutiques and exclusive events, we ensure that your message reaches the most qualified readers. Targeted distribution guarantees that your ads are seen by those who appreciate and seek luxury real estate offerings.

Maximize Advertising Impact

With our full page, double truck, and half page ads, you have the flexibility to tailor your message to your desired level of impact. Whether you want to make a bold statement with a full page ad or showcase multiple listings with a double truck spread, our options give you the freedom to maximize your advertising efforts.

Enhanced Engagement

In the digital era, our Print & Digital Magazine offers enhanced engagement opportunities for your audience. With interactive features, embedded videos, and clickable links, readers can directly engage with your brand, explore your offerings, and connect with you seamlessly.

Brand Authority and Trust

Align your brand with our prestigious Print & Digital Magazine to establish authority and trust in the luxury real estate market. Our publication's reputation for delivering high-quality content and showcasing the most exquisite properties lends credibility to your brand, solidifying your position as a leader in the industry.

Convenience and Accessibility

Enjoy the convenience and accessibility of our digital platform. With the digital version of our magazine, readers can access your ads anytime, anywhere, on their preferred devices. This flexibility ensures that your message reaches a wider audience, including busy professionals and global investors.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I customize the design and content of my print ad?

A: Yes, absolutely! We understand the importance of creating a unique and impactful advertisement that reflects your brand and resonates with your target audience. Together, we will craft a visually stunning and compelling ad that showcases your real estate business in the best possible light, maximizing its effectiveness and driving results. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to helping you achieve your advertising goals with a customized and branded print ad. In addition, we offer the flexibility to update your print ad on a month-to-month basis, completely free of charge.

Q: What is the deadline for submitting a print ad?

A: The deadline for submitting a print ad may vary depending on your requirements. For camera-ready ads, where the artwork is ready for printing, the submission deadline is typically set at two weeks before the publishing date. However, if you prefer to have your ad designed by our in-house team of experts to ensure branding consistency and accommodate any revisions you may have, we recommend submitting your ad three weeks before the deadline. This additional time allows our designers to craft a customized and professionally branded ad that best represents your real estate business and meets your specific needs. Production Calendar

Q: Is there a frequency discount for running ads in multiple issues?

A: Yes, we are proud to offer frequency discounts for advertisers who choose to run their ads in multiple issues. We firmly believe in the power of consistent marketing to build brand recognition and attract potential clients. By investing in our advertising solutions you not only benefit from reduced rates, but also establish a strong and continuous presence in the market, reinforcing your brand message and generating lasting impact among your target audience. Our commitment to fostering long-term partnerships with our advertisers motivates us to incentivize consistency and support your marketing efforts effectively.

Q: Can I request a proof of my ad before it goes to print?

A: Absolutely! We understand the importance of accuracy and ensuring your satisfaction with the final print ad. As an advertiser, you can request a proof of your ad before it goes to print. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to provide a preview of the ad, allowing you to review the content, design, and overall layout. We offer free changes and revisions, so if any updates are required, such as price changes or modifications in the property status, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs promptly.

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What some lovely people have said


Thank you so much, for all your consistent and professional advertising and marketing programs on behalf of me and my clients. The very best thing I can do for my clients properties is to hit your huge circulation both on line and in print. My clients LOVE your Bay Area circulation and your digital media is just the BEST. You have been here for us for so many years, and the results just keep getting better.
Jan Bugge, Broker | Country Real Estate

With SW Washington receiving so many California transplants, I have been grateful to the Wine Country Real Estate Reader for the exposure it gives my properties in California! The ads always look polished and professional and the advertising team is responsive and easy to work with!
Lori Anderson-Benson, Broker | Remax Equity Group

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