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Web Hosting Tutorials

Video Overview + Login and Setup Hosting

1. How to login and begin setting up your web hosting account
This tutorial shows you how to log in, check your information and start customizing your account. This tutorial for agents who purchased a web hosting account on the new Real Estate Reader website. Web Hosting accounts are set up by staff. 

Video Overview + Create Client Accounts

2. How to create an account for your client
This tutorial shows you how to create a USER ACCOUNT for your client. A user account gives your client access your feature listings as well as the entire inventory available of properties for sale through local MLS. Users can take advantage of powerful search tools and create email alerts so users can track the entire real estate market in your area while shopping for the ideal home. User accounts connect clients to their preferred professional for instant communication during the search phase of a home purchase.

Video Overview + Features and Benefits

Introducion to the New Real Estate Reader Website
Agent Benefit

This is a 20 minute overview of the many powerful features on the new Real Estate website. The video demonstrates how consumers can easily identify the properties they’re interested in and compare candidate sites side by side. 

Real estate professions will get an introduction to the contact management tools and a number of features that are not only unique but exclusive to the Real Estate Reader.

Agents will find it well worth your while to invest 15 minutes to learn how to use the internet for marketing in ways you never imagined possible, until now.